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3 Secrets for Achieving Neutral Decor that ISN’T Boring

It seems that people fall into one of two camps when it comes to neutral decor. There are those who have colour commitment phobia (hi!) and can't imagine bringing any thing other than shades of grey, white, black and beige into their homes.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, there's people who think THAT IS SO BORING (really, I've seen their comments on photos of my home; bless the Internet). But do we have to be so divided you guys? Isn't this a world where neutrals can be interesting, and we can all live happily ever after, amen? It is. Maybe you don't believe us, maybe you believe us but want to know how to make it happen. Either way you're in the right spot because today's blog post is all about how to bring the interest to your spaces sans colours.


We bet you saw this one coming, you smarties. Pattern is of course is the quickest, most in your face way to bring the visual interest when working with neutral decor. In this nursery, we used a woodland themed wallpaper to bring a little whimsy and a lot of personality. (For those wondering, the wallpaper is called "Gray Woods". It's from Wallpops and is actually peel and stick which is SUCH a time saver, and so key for changing up babies room down the road.) Thanks to the black and white colour scheme it still seems serene, because nurseries should feel calm and encourage sweet baby sleep. There's one million things that will prevent babies from sleeping, and their room should not be one of them. Whether it's on wallpaper, a striped throw, or pillows, don't be afraid to mix in a pattern that speaks to you!


Ever wonder what the difference really is between all white spaces that are worthy of your Pinterest board vs those that look like a single sheet of paper? Texture has a lot to do with the most swoon worthy neutral decor. You can use the same colours (or lack thereof in our case), and in fact you really should repeat them throughout your rooms. The key is bringing them in with a variety of different fabrics and materials. It's okay to have an all white room. It's not okay to have an all white room where nearly every fabric is Belgian linen. Layer a jute rug with sheepskin, add wicker baskets for storage, incorporate tufted leather next to fuzzy wool.

The bathroom renovation in Tia's home pairs a raw wood stool that plays perfectly off the glossy white tiles that fill the room. Pay attention to finishes too; if your coffee table is a shiny white finish, add in a side table that features iron legs. Again, all one colour is A-OK, but you don't want a space that feels completely shiny, completely soft, etc etc.


Especially when it comes to neutral decor, the way that natural light moves through a room is probably the most interesting thing you can take advantage of when designing a space. Or we're complete nerds. Probably both. But, take into consideration the kind of light the room gets and where. Placing mirrors on walls opposite of windows will help to reflect and maximize the natural light flowing through your space. A variety of finishes on your furniture pieces, some that absorb light and others that reflect it, will make your space feel balanced and alive all at once.

Don't forget to take into account window treatments and even the landscaping outside of them. Both will affect the way that light filters into the room, preferably softening it without blocking it out completely.

White and grey modern feminine kitchen

So there you have it! If you make sure that you're going bold with patterns, overboard with texture, and letting light come alive in your rooms, we can guarantee that all those neutrals will be anything but boring.


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