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The 5 Storage Pieces You Need for a Dream Closet (that won’t break the bank!)

Nowadays, there is an endless supply of storage options in big box stores. What's even better is the variety of sizes, combinations and styles available. It means that a custom looking closet is a possibility for literally any budget and space!

The walk in wardrobe in these photos belongs in Shauna's previous home. Since then, it's been popping up on Style Me Pretty Living, Domino, and Apartment Therapy, to name a few. On Pinterest, it has over 15,000 shares and counting. The best part? It costs under $400. WE ARE NOT KIDDING YOU. This closet space has gone viral and it features NO custom pieces. There isn't any break the bank storage, and it won't take you days to build. It can be put together in one afternoon, easy peasy. Want to create a dream closet for yourself? We have your back. Without further adieu, here's the five pieces to snag (all linked at the bottom of the post), plus how to use them for your own swoon worthy dressing space.

5 Storage Pieces for the Closet of your Dreams on a Budget, by Studio Meld.

Clothing Racks

This inexpensive IKEA option stands alone and will allow you to add or subtract racks without guilt as your wardrobe grows or shrinks. These are great for off season storage as well; just transfer an entire rack into storage! Keeping your clothes on display like this is also a great way to continuously edit your wardrobe and get rid of or store items that are just collecting dust, literally.

Floating Shelves

These LACK shelves add a clean and minimal look that is perfect for stacks of sweaters, tshirts, and denim. They're easily accessible and make getting dressed (and putting away laundry, ugh) a breeze.

budget friendly wardrobe storage


This storage piece is your opportunity to add a little more visual interest in an otherwise function focused space. Use bookshelves as a focal point in order to highlight your favourite shoes, bags, and jewellery. We suggest incorporating trays of various sizes to properly stash more delicate items!

Full Length Mirror

We all need a place to check that #OOTD out (and to make sure we didn't put on clothing that's actually totally wrinkled or sporting a baby spit up stain). To make the most of your lighting, place yours next to or across from a window.

budget friendly wardrobe storage


Use pegs like these from CB2 to corral hats, bags, scarves, belts; you name it! Pegs and hooks are your best bet opportunity to add big design impact for a minimal price thanks to their teeny size. You can avoid adding holes to your walls altogether by using command hooks, especially if you're planning to cover them with lightweight items (like we did with the hat wall above).

Budget friendly wardrobe storage

IKEA Lack Shelf /// Pegs /// Billy Bookcase /// Sheepskin /// Clothing Rack /// Black Velvet Hangers /// Freestanding Mirror ///

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