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Minimalist Boho Chic: A Budget Friendly IKEA Hack White Bathroom

We are not exaggerating when we say this bathroom has come a loooong way. It's now an airy white, budget-friendly minimalist bathroom full of light, marble, and a chic IKEA hack vanity. But before? The bathroom was original to the house, so it dated back to the 1920s. As much as we love character and history in a home, let's be real; no one wants to shower in a bathroom that is nearly 100 years old. That's just a fact. So down to the studs it went, and here's the dreamy design results.

Studio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior Design

Just because the tile and tub as old as time had to go, doesn't mean we wanted to strip the bathroom of its identity entirely. We opted for a combination of wainscotting and large beveled subway tile on the walls to maintain a traditional feeling in the modern and minimal space. Subway tile is such a classic choice, and always offers a clean, bright look. In this instance, the bevel takes it up a notch and adds another layer of dimension and visual interest without being too busy. Hexagonal marble tiles on the floor open up the small space and tie in with the marble ledges on the window sill, and on the shower stub wall.

Studio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior Design

The original cast iron tub was also removed, which was no easy feat. Think recruiting four adult males to carry it down the stairs and out the front door. It was replaced with a smaller than standard size skirted tub and glass surround to make the existing space feel larger and luxe. This IKEA option was chosen to maximize space; it's shorter and more narrow than the original vanity, and the bathroom feels so much larger because of it. When it comes to design in small spaces, these dimension decisions are extra important, and can really make the room.

Studio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior Design

The black IKEA Hemnes/Odensvik sink cabinet was upgraded with hammered polished nickel hardware to match the faucet and shower fixtures. Above the sink is a round brass mirror and an industrial light fixture from Lowe's with a budget friendly price. The light picks up the brass of the mirror and the black from the new vanity, neatly tying together this corner of the bathroom. We love the combination of old and new here. Classic colours and traditional elements (like those edison bulbs, swoon!) feel current and cool thanks to streamlined silhouettes and clean lines.

Studio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior DesignStudio Meld Interior Design

While nearly everything was torn out of the original space, one thing that absolutely, positively could not go was the brass door handle. Talk about a treasure! It was hidden under layers of paint that needed to be scraped off by hand, but that is the kind of gem you can't buy in a store right? We'd scrape paint all day for finds like that. It seriously pulls the entire space together and marries the traditional and modern elements perfectly. Top it all off with boho chic vibes from a gorgeous turkish towel, an organic wooden stool, a touch of greenery, and the entire space becomes a dream come true. If you're looking to see more of it, we've compiled photos in our portfolio too!

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Photography by Manifesto Photography

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I’m in love! Congratulations ladies, it’s gorgeous.
I’m @oraneboucher on Pinterest 😘

Stunning work, really! Love the marble window lefges.

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    May 24, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Thanks so much Orane! We’re tracking you down on Pinterest as we speak 🙂

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