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3 Simple Tips and Tricks for Choosing Paint

Choosing paint for a room, or an entire home, can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Although clients may have an idea of the colour families they are drawn to, they don't necessarily know what to look for in choosing a colour that will fit into their existing space. Painting can be expensive and time consuming, so before you arbitrarily choose a new colour to slap on your walls take the time to read through these simple tips and tricks.

1. Warm and Cool Colours

Studio Meld first likes to assess the room, or rooms, and take an inventory of the materials, finishes and furniture that will remain in that space after painting. For example, are you dealing with hideous floor tiles that you would like to downplay? Is your brand new sectional a warm grey or a cool grey? In other words, does it pull more brown or blue? Are your kitchen cabinets white, or a creamy-white? If all of this colour talk is a bit confusing and you're just not sure what you are seeing—don't worry, this type of thing is not for everyone so call us, we're here to help!


3 Simple Tips and Tricks: Cool Grey Example

Cool Grey


3 Simple Tips and Tricks: Warm Grey Example

Warm Grey via Studio McGee


Once you have taken the time to consider the undertones of all the items remaining in your space, you should be able to determine whether to move forward with a warm or cool colour. In the above example, if the grey sectional IS pulling more brown than blue it means it is a warm grey and should be paired with other warm colours. Still confused? We've placed a simple diagram below dividing the colour wheel into warm and cool colours. Like anything in design there are different ways of doing things but Studio Meld's simple rule of thumb would be to choose one side of the wheel and stick with it!


3 Simple Tips and Tricks for Choosing Paint: Warm and Cool Colour Wheel


2. Paint Swatches

ALWAYS, ALWAYS (did we say always?) go to the store and pick up paint swatches. DO NOT choose a colour online from a Pinterest board without seeing the colour in person or in your space. If choosing the right colour wasn't difficult enough, it can take on a completely new tinge in your desired room because of the available natural light and reflection.

Now, obviously you're not painting your home in these vibrant shades of the rainbow but if you look closely you will see these colours appear in paint swatches. Make sure to choose the paint swatches with the various tints of the colour and not the one-off swatches. Although the one-off swatches are tempting because they are larger, they do not give you a sense of their base colour so start with the tinted ones first. If something catches your eye on the card look at the very bottom swatch, what is its base colour? This simple trick will instantly tell you the colour it is going to pull. So if you're choosing a white, and the bottom swatch is pulling a pinky rose, keep on looking until you find something more neutral.

Once you have chosen a few options, bring them home to tape on your wall. Make sure to check in at different times of the day and with those items you previously outlined as remaining in your space. You might be surprised at what looks best!

3. Paint Brands and Finishes

Spending a bit more money on your paint and painting  supplies can make the world of a difference—trust us we've learned the hard way! Some of Studio Meld's go-to paint brands include Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Sico (Muse Collection). These paints not only come in a multitude of colours and finishes but their ability to cover and hide imperfections makes it look like you hired a professional.

For walls, always choose the flattest and/or mattest finish (yes even in bathrooms despite what the sales people tell you!). You CAN wipe down or pat matte walls with a damp soft rag. To create distinction between your walls and trim choose an eggshell finish, or one step glossier than your walls. This will also allow for easier wipe down of scuffs and dust.

Lastly, take the time to prep and follow the instructions laid out on cans. If the paint calls for a special roller, buy it! Also, wall repairs, taping (use FROG tape—no Dollarstore bullcrap) and cutting in on ceilings and trim are worth the time and effort.


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