August 10, 2017 - Comments Off on Domino Feature: IKEA Hack Using Removable Wallpaper

Domino Feature: IKEA Hack Using Removable Wallpaper

Hey guys! Just popping in to share some fun news. We're over on Domino today, sharing a unique way to use removable wallpaper.

This project is an easy one at under 20 minutes and it gives a tired kids table (or anything else needing a little TLC) a total makeover. We used a marble pattern but we think any pattern could be equally as eye catching! Catch the article, along with some other genius ideas, right here. We're also sharing a bit more about it below!

The Project

This is IKEA's SUNDVIK children's table and chairs hacked with Wallpops! Marble Effect White removable wallpaper. The top of the table was looking a little rough because boys, hence the necessity for a little upgrade. Plus, I wanted to introduce a little more pattern to their monochrome playspace! I love the look of a marble top table but had never seen anything like that for kids (nor would I ever give them real marble, HA!). This removable wallpaper did the trick for next to nothing in under twenty minutes. Bonus, I don't have to worry about them colouring it blue since I can easily remove and replace with a fresh piece!


  • Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the table; any lingering crumbs will ruin the smooth finished surface.
  • Just as with applying to a wall, you'll want to make sure the designs match up at the seam to keep it looking clean and cohesive.
  • Measure and cut your pieces as close to the size of your table as possible. You'll want to avoid having too much overhang, which would make a clean finish at the corners difficult to achieve.


Anyone else out there getting extra creative with wallpaper? Share your ideas with us below, or follow us on Pinterest to see more of what's inspiring our home projects!

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