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Family Room Redesign

Today we are sharing some conceptual designs for a family room redesign, guiding you through our design process and thinking. I know, I know... it's about darn time!


In this particular case, our lovely clients are local so we were able to conduct an initial in-person consultation. When possible, Studio Meld loves to begin every project with a consultation because it provides a better idea of the space, the challenges it may pose and gives us a sneak peek of our client's personal style.

After this meeting we were able to walk away with a clear indication of the following challenges, wishlist items and room measurements:


  • Long and narrow footprint
  • Lack of natural light
  • Outdated furniture pieces


  • Lighter paint
  • Updated furniture (preferably not white)
  • Transitional style to suite the remainder of the house


StudioMeld: Family Room Re-design Floorplan


Design Discovery

In the design discovery phase we begin to pull together images and inspirations based on our previous discussion with the client. We also compile any inspirations or pins they have sent us along the way with a list of items that are to remain in the space. This allows us to begin sourcing available product that will fit in the room and budget.

With this family room redesign, our ultimate goal is to brighten up the space and choose timeless furniture pieces that have updated and streamlined silhouettes.

Design Execution

We kept the layout very similar to the arrangement that they already have with the couch back against the longest wall and the accent chair(s) flanking on either side. However, by choosing furniture that is less bulky and lifted off the floor we are able to create the illusion that there is more space. Similarly by painting the walls and fireplace in lighter neutral tones the space begins to feel larger, and the ceilings higher. We sourced round coffee tables and decorative storage solutions for all those odds and ends, to make it easier to navigate the narrow space.

Family Room Moodboard 1: Serene Traditional

StudioMeld: Serene Traditional Living Room Design

StudioMeld: Serene Traditional Living Room Design - Fireplace

StudioMeld: Serene Traditional Living Room Design - Office

Family Room Moodboard 2: Coastal Glam


StudioMeld: Coastal Glam Living Room Design

StudioMeld: Coastal Glam Living Room Design - Fireplace

StudioMeld: Coastal Glam Living Room Design - Office


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