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Quick and Easy Home Project for your Long Weekend: Upgrade your Entry


When one of those magical long summer weekends rolls around, it's the perfect opportunity to add a home project to your to do list. We love mini projects that are high impact but also low on cost and time commitment.

So today, that's exactly what we're sharing! A quick and easy front door makeover that will make your heart happy each time you walk up your front steps, and the best part is you don't have to give up long weekend fun to get it done. Painting your front door in a fresh new colour while adding planters and a welcome mat is a quick way to upgrade your entry and boost curb appeal. Plus, anyone can tackle this straightforward upgrade. Read on for the simple how to!


  • 1 quart exterior paint
  • Screwdriver
  • Palm Sander
  • Paintbrush
  • 6" roller brush
  • 2 outdoor planter boxes (we love these from Wayfair)
  • 2 plants of your choice
  • 1 bag soil
  • Welcome Mat
  1. Remove hardware from door, this will make it easier to achieve a professional looking finish
  2. Clean door and and use your palm sander to roughen the flat surfaces of existing paint
  3. Paint edges and details first, by hand with a paintbrush
  4. Finish by rolling paint on the remaining flat surfaces of the door
  5. Using your paintbrush while paint is still wet, lightly brush over entire door to smooth out roller marks and achieve a hand-painted finish
  6. Lay welcome mat in front of door and arrange planter boxes on each side
  7. Add soil and plants of your choice
  8. Pat self on back, you're done with plenty of time for sunset drinks!

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